Functional medicine

Functional medicine: the new age of wellness medicine

We are all unique in our biochemistry, and these subtle differences, when uncovered are often the solution to the underlying causes of un-wellness. When we gain detailed insights into our “core imbalances” we are able target treatments.

Instead of treating you with guess work and the “shot-gun effect”, where you are prescribed many supplements at once, hoping to fix your symptoms, Anne utilises functional assessments to uncover your core imbalances in:

  • body composition (nutrition and toxicity)
  • body chemistry (hormones and neurotransmitters)
  • energy production (metabolism)
  • immunity/inflammation (allergies/inflammation)
  • microflora and digestion (infection and dysfunction)

Why use functional tests?

When you visit your GP, he/she may order pathology tests. These tests look for presence or absence of disease. Functional testing on the other hand shows us what your core imbalances are. This type of testing:

  • provides detailed insights into your level of functioning
  • shows imbalances that are sub-clinical and may have no symptoms and often excesses and deficiencies show similar symptoms
  • reduces the risk of causing further imbalances
  • avoids unnecessary or guesswork supplementation
  • allows Anne to tailor supplements based on your unique needs.

Functional testing saves you time and money, allowing for the uncovering of your core imbalances.

About Anne

Anne was a primary school teacher for many years and is an experienced and trained counsellor.

She has been a naturopath and clinical hypnotherapist since 2008 combining other mind/body modalities including clinical hypnotherapy, virtual reality therapy and sound therapy.

Anne’s focus is on your general health and wellbeing. She is passionate about natural health care and helping people bring balance back into their lives.

Anne can assist you in reducing the impact of stress on the mind and body caused by our busy lifestyles, diet and the effects it has on our general health and wellbeing.    Read more…

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